Futur finalis oder finally future

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Ich erinnere mich gut an die aufgeregte Stimmung vor dem Millenium 1999/2000. Die Stimmung war trotz großer Panikmache um ERROR2000 (hah!) positiv und von Hoffnung getragen, die Technologie würde die Menschheit retten. Dann passierte lange nichts, dann 9/11. Then Terrorism, War against Terror, Extremism, Bush jun X 2 (!) The technological advances were given by a smartphone with a slightly better camera each year and there were no mars colonies, United States of Earth or other future-esoteric hopes. Now, in 2020 we seem to have a new low with the Covid19 virus plagueing the world. Still, I say that humanity will come out of this strenghtend. 1.) You're doing a good deed staying at home, playing video games or sth. Come one, that's about as easy as it gets concerning helping the comunity. 2.) Scientists collaborate across borders in order to find a cure. With better network technology and more CPU power. a lot of nerds, especially in universities, work together with colleges whether they're blue or green or white or black.

What is to be watched in times like these, is how much of public freedom there is to be cut (and there WILL be cuts) in order to fight the desease

3.) Idiots/Madmen/WTF exposed: Boris Johnson / Donald Trump / Yung Sun Ill already had a bit of a popularity problem, if not in their own countries then worldwide. It's interesting how Trump and Johnson reacted at first. Cutting away the middle part to now: Johnson himself is infected (all the best) and the USA leads the ranks worldwide concering infected and dead. (with no reliable numbers coming from countries like China, North Korea and the like) 4.) Internet and Telecomunication save the days. Shopping, Gaming, Working Out, Talking with, Transfering Money, Streaming Media and a lot of other things are now done via the Internet, although those services mostly were avavilable for years, a lot of people only started using them now in the face of crisis. Also the Virus Crisis simulated what I expect to be the unemployment rate after Automate Wave 3 ist finished (let's give it 4-7 years). Here is a chance to react to this problem, knowing that things will roughly go back to normal at some point.

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